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October 19, 2009


Glenn Shuck


Great post. I'll add one issue I always saw along the way in startups...more from the management hiring side for sales. "we want strong sales talent.....but they MUST have a roledex".....I saw many times that while a roledex is always important and helpful.....when selling a new technology, that hotshot with a roledex was great for the first 2-3 sales with his friends....but, crashed and burned when it came time to do the real hardcore selling for a startup! He was so used to having resources at his fingertips....but now without, could not even begin to think on his to get the new business the company so desperately needed.

Translation..not all high paid salespeople are true entreprunuers, and can function outside the Ciscos of the think hard about what is needed before you (the hiring startup org) feels they need a salesperson "with a roledex"

PS what does fomenting mean?? I'm just a sales dude without a roledex!!


Thanks for the comment, it was tempting to add to this this.

And your moment of Zen:

foment [fəˈmɛnt]
vb (tr)
1. to encourage or instigate (trouble, discord, etc.); stir up
2. (Medicine) Med to apply heat and moisture to (a part of the body) to relieve pain and inflammation

LOL ---- very funny. Off you go on to my blogroll.

Jim Hirshfield

Uh this one of those lists where if you don't recognize yourself as one of those characters then you're probably one of those characters? ;-)

Seriously, great post.

Joey Flores

Hey Don,

Great post. Thought you might enjoy this:


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