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August 23, 2010




Thank goodness that most VCs have come around to this line of thinking now! You are spot on that the traditional business plan has limited shelf life in today's entrepreneurial environment. The metrics we use to measure our success are so different, why shouldn't we change how we plan for that success?

And btw, keep up the great blog! Sometimes it feels like the whole "Netplex"/tech innovation days in DC are waning with the slow demise of AOL and some of the early companies that made this region a hub for startups (see But your blog is a clear sign that there's still entrepreneurial activity happening here!

William Taylor

Excellent advice. Of course, this means working with extremely flexible entrepreneurs who can bob and weave with what the "real" market throws at them based on a delivered prototype or beta. So what questions do you ask the entrepreneur to find if they have this attitude?

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